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 We are happy to work with our clients and their software vendors to ensure that our formatting is optimized for use with all electronic donor questionnaires.

  • ​Content is identical to our hard copy books.

  • Available in all editions.

  • Navigation is easy and intuitive.

  • ​No proprietary software is required to use the PDF version.

    • Adobe Acrobat Reader is reliable and free.

  • Not web-based

    • Administered individually by each client within their IT infrastructure.

    • Can be shared within secured networks, deployed on individual devices, or copied to portable media.

    • Each client chooses how to best deploy our resources in their unique environment.

  • Pricing is scaled according to program size.

    • No limit on the number of users within your program

    • Individual pricing is based on estimated usage (annual non-autologous screening/collections volume)

  • Printable files and production specifications are included with our digital version at no additional charge.

    • Digital version clients have the option of producing their own hard-copy books for computer-down use.

  • Digital version clients receive deep discounts on hard copy pricing for all editions (if you want some books and would like us to do the production).

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